The Porto Bellas are two friends who happen to share their love of cooking as well as their first name. They met at the age of 17 while working as sales clerks at the town mall. Management quickly realised that having two employees named Julie was much too confusing, so they were promptly renamed JulieB and JulieC. Well guess what folks, the names stuck as their friendship grew. Read on and learn how each Porto Bella’s love of cooking came to be…


Meet Julie C, the Greek Pescatarian. That’s right guys, the only Greek that eats everything under the sun except for red meat and chicken. After travelling to Europe & Asia, she decided to omit these foods completely from her diet- but kept eating fish and seafood. Her love for vegetarian cuisine grew over the years, as she began discovering many new tastes and techniques. She prides herself for her easy one-dish meals and delicious tasting, yet healthy desserts. Her style of cooking is often influenced by her travels, but when you live in such a diverse city like Montreal, Quebec, it’s not hard to get a little culture around the corner. Another important detail about Julie C- she runs. Food feeds her soul, and in this case, fuels it too! Stay tuned for pre-workout meals and healthy tips that’ll give your food flavour. 😉


This Julie was a late bloomer. Having been brought up in a family where creative home cooked meals were part of the everyday, she never bothered to learn how it all got on her plate. According to her, cooking and quantum physics was one in the same, so friends and family quickly qualified her culinary skills as a  health hazard  urban legend  lost cause. Then something unexpected happened. JulieB left the comforts of home to move into an apartment. As time went by, she began to miss the home cooked meals and decided to try her hand at cooking one last time. She faced many failures but was determined to get it right. Eventually, she learned to embrace the wonderful world of cooking and realized it wasn’t so scary after all. To her friends and family’s great surprise, the Lost Cause now has a food blog. Whaaaaaaat?


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Cute story! I love the blog name too. I can identify with having to learn cooking after moving out… however in my case, I gorged on processed food and gained 10 pounds before I realize that I better learn how to cook!

  2. I’m loving your blog! You have some wonderful recipes I am anxious to try and I like that a lot of your recipes are healthy. The appetizers look amazing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow!

  3. you guys are adorable. i love the writing style on this page; your individual voices really come through.

    glad i wandered my way over here. i’ll do my best to stop in on occasion and see what you guys are up to.

  4. Really cute story! As I was reading JulieC’s bio, I was thinking, I thought I’m the only Greek who is a vegetarian. Haha! And furthermore, I also live in Montreal! It’s nice to meet you ladies, I really look forward to going through your recipes and blog.
    Sophia 🙂

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