Arugula and Orange Feta Bites

Arugula Orange Feta Bites

I’m a big fan of the Food Networks show, ‘Chopped’. It’s that show where 4 chefs compete with each other to win $10,000. They’re all given a basket, filled with 5 random ingredients (that would otherwise never work well with each other), and they have to create a dish using all of the items inside.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was a chopped winner today in my kitchen. Never in my wildest dreams would I combine these foods on a piece of baguette, but I did, and it worked. (I was also limited to these ingredients in my fridge and I haven’t posted in a while… but that’s besides the point). I’m not a huge fan of arugula, but the saltiness from the feta and sweetness from the orange was a perfect balance. Not to mention, it was very fresh… something different to serve your guests around the holidays.


The hardest thing about todays post, was figuring out what to call this little creation…

Orange Arugula Feta Bites


  • baguette (optional: choose a baguette with nuts or seeds for texture)
  • arugula
  • feta
  • 1 orange (any kind)
  • fresh pepper

Directions: Slice baguette and feta thinly. Place feta on top of baguette and add a bunch of fresh arugula. Top with a piece of sliced orange and add lots of fresh cracked pepper.


Music: Here’s a simple song to go with this fancy looking appy. This parisian trio has got me YouTubbing all of their songs…


3 thoughts on “Arugula and Orange Feta Bites

  1. First, love the musique francoise! 🙂 Secondly, these look like such a great example of simple elegance in entertaining. I could see Ina Garten being proud. What are some of your other examples of appetizers? (And are they all this yummy-looking? I’d assume so!)

    • Haha, thanks!! JulieB and I are a huge fan of bite sized (easy) appetizers. Under the recipes tab, check out the bite size cucumber sandwiches, plum basil feta bites, honey apple brie bites, and the apricot cherry baked brie! And they’re all super easy to make! 🙂

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